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Sébastien ROGUES

Sébastien Rogues



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Born in 1986, Sébastien Rogues took up sailing at the age of six.

In 2007, at the age of 21, Sébastien began taking part in high-level sailing events, with the goal of becoming a professional skipper. After acquiring his first boat, a Mini 6.50 class boat (Pogo 2), he competed in solo races on the Mini 6.50 circuit, with promising results.

In 2008, he competed in five races, landing a spot on the podium three times, including a First Place win in the Mini Port Médoc. To maximize his chances, Sébastien set up shop that year at the AOS training base in Lorient and gathered together a top crew that included trainer Tanguy Le Glatin.

In 2009, Rogues competed in his first transatlantic solo race, sponsored by Eole Generation-GDF SUEZ, finishing in 8th place in the general category, a respectable showing for the race’s youngest skipper. This was despite a collision at the start of the race that put him nearly twenty hours behind the rest of the fleet. His strong showings in eight races earned him the top rank in the circuit category at the national level that year.

In 2010, Sébastien acquired a 6.50 prototype, with the goal of becoming the lead competitor in that category. Garnering four wins in eight races, he finished number 2 in the circuit’s general category, confirming his standing as a “rising young talent.”

In 2011, Sébastien made the Transat 6.50 La Charente-Maritime-Bahia the focal point of his season. In an exhausting sprint, and with great determination, he won the race’s first leg. The second leg is still a sore point: Rogues had to withdraw from the race, to his great regret, although he was in the lead on the approach to Cape Verde. A fall on the head of his canting keel inside the boat displaced one of his vertebrae, causing intense back pain and forcing him to cease all physical activity. With great reluctance, he dropped out of the race.

In 2012, Sébastien took the next logical step, to compete at higher speeds by moving up to the Class 40 category (monohulls measuring 12.28 meters in length). After just one season and seven races, he came in 2nd in the annual Class 40 championship, with a very nice podium finish in 3rd Place in the Transat Québec-Saint-Malo.

For the 2013 season, with the renewed support of partner GDF SUEZ, Sébastien commissioned his own Class 40 boat. Designed by Samuel Manuard, the Mach 40 GDF SUEZ was launched on Monday, March 11. Sébastien gathered a crew of renowned experts for the construction of this new addition to the Class 40 fleet. What followed was unprecedented:  he won six consecutive races, including the famous Rolex Fastnet and, to crown the season, the Transat Jacques Vabre 2013, with Fabien Delahaye as co-skipper.

In 2014, Sébastien won the Grand Prix Guyader, the Normandy Channel Race, the Tour de Belle-Ile, and the Qualif SNSM Solidaire, and embarked on his first Route du Rhum. Unfortunately, his normally infallibly reliable boat suffered damage after being rerouted by race organizers to assist a fellow competitor whose boat had been struck by lightning. Sébastien was forced to withdraw. By that time he had won every other Class40 race, and no doubt dreamed of winning the legendary Rhum as well, but he is the kind of competitor who knows how to take such setbacks in stride.

In 2015, Sebastian turned to multihulls: Diam 24 trimaran and catamaran GC32. He was one of the first to enrol the new sailing world. He was  also the first to join the GC32 story. He also sailed on Flying Phantom.

In 2016, he participated to the GC32 Racing Tour with all the best international GC32 skippers. He also competed for few Flying Phantom races.

In 2017, Sébastien participated again to all the GC32 Racing Tour competitions. Sailing crews from 4 continents were represented among the 11 foiling one design catamarans teams competing on this 2017 GC32 edition. Sébastien also sailed for pleasure on a Grand Surprise for the 3rd edition of the French Startup Cup in La Rochelle.

Finally, this 2017 year leaves its mark on 9 years of partnership between Sébastien and ENGIE. This collaboration has supported Sébastien during the best years of his career, from his revelation on the professional circuit to the prestigious international stages of the GC32 racing tour at the head of Team ENGIE.

  • 6th GC32 World Championship, Oman
  • 6th Extrem Sailing Series, Oman
  • 4th General GC32 Racing Tour ranking (crewed/GC32 catamaran)
  • 6th Marseille One Design, France (crewed/GC32 catamaran)
  • 3rd GC32 Orezza Corsica Cup, France, Calvi (crewed/GC32 catamaran)
  • 7th Copa Del Rey Mapfre, Spain, Palma de Majorque (crewed/GC32 catamaran)
  • 5th GC32 Villasimius Cup, Italy, Lake Garda (crewed/GC32 catamaran)
  • 3rd GC32 Riva Cup, Italy, Lake Garda (crewed/GC32 catamaran)
  • 5th General GC32 Racing Tour 2016 ranking (crewed – GC32 catamaran)
  • 5th Marseille One Design (crewed – GC32 catamaran)
  • 3rd GC32 La Reserve de Sotogrande Cup (crewed – GC32 catamaran)
  • 8th Copa Del Rey Mapfre, Palma de Majorque (crewed – GC32 catamaran)
  • 8th GC32 Malcesine Cup, Italy, Lake Garda (crewed – GC32 catamaran)
  • 5th GC32 Riva Cup, Italia, Lake Garda (crewed – GC32 catamaran)
  • 4th Sailing Cup Kiel GC32 Bullitt Racing Tour (crewed – GC32 catamaran)
  • 21st Place, The Tour de France à la voile (crewed – Diam 24 trimaran)
  • 4th Place, Austria Cup (crewed–GC32 catamaran)
  • 10th Place, Grand-Prix de l’École Navale de Brest (crewed—Diam 24 trimaran)
  • 20th Place, Grand-Prix Atlantique (crewed—Diam 24 trimaran)
  • 7th Place, Spi Ouest-France (crewed—Diam 24 trimaran)
  • 7th Place, Martinique Cata Raid (two-handed with Matthieu Souben – Catamaran F18)
  • 2nd Marseille One-Design (crewed– Catamaran GC 32)
  • 18th Place, F18 World Championship (two-handed with Matthieu Souben – Catamaran F18)
  • Winner, Qualif SNSM Solidaire (single-handed – Class40) and qualification for the Route du Rhum
  • Winner, Normandy Channel Race (two-handed with Bertrand Castelnérac – Class40)
  • Winner, Tour de Belle-Île (crewed – Class40)
  • Winner, Grand Prix Guyader (crewed – Class40)
  • 4th Place, Martinique Cata Raid (two-handed with Matthieu Souben – Catamaran F18)
  • Winner, Rolex Fastnet Race (crewed)
  • Winner, Les Sables-Horta-Les Sables (two-handed)
  • Winner, Record SNSM (crewed)
  • Winner, Guyader Grand Prix (crewed)
  • Winner, Armen Race (crewed)
  • 2nd Place, Year’s Standing (Class40)
  • 3rd Place, Québec Saint-Malo (crewed)
  • 5th Place, Solidaire du Chocolat (two-handed)
  • 7th Place, Atlantic Cup (crewed)
  • 8th Place, Normandy Channel Race (two-handed)
  • Winner, First Leg Transat 6.50 (solo)
  • Winner, Pornichet Select 6.50 (solo)
  • 2nd Place, Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron (solo)
  • 5th Place, TransGascogne (solo)
  • 2nd Place, Year’s Standing (Mini Class 6.50)
  • Winner, Mini Barcelona (two-handed)
  • Winner, Mini Empuries (two-handed)
  • 5th Place, Les Sables-Les Açores-Les Sables (solo)
  • Winner, Chrono 6.50 (solo)
  • Winner, Pornichet Select 6.50 (solo)
  • 3rd Place, Mini Fastnet (two-handed)
  • Winner, Year’s Standing (Mini Class 6.50 series category)
  • 8th Place, Transat 6.50 (solo)
  • 3rd Place, TransGascogne (solo)
  • 2nd Place, Mini Fastnet (two-handed)
  • Winner, Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron (solo)